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the E key doesnt work i press it on items and it doesnt work

Never thought I'd see za day when a game is on sale for 20 cents


Gameplay BR
Não sei se posso chamar isso de bom... usa um método saturado para assustar, mas mesmo assim assusta.

I'm sorry to say this but your game doesn't even run i bought it and installed as soon as i tried launching it never opened if you know the reason please reply to me

Please describe your error at



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 It keeps showing me this error, how can I fix it?


Hey when i press 'E' to interact its very buggy, sometimes works sometimes not, and that screen that has "Enter Code" the 'E' never works in this part, so im stuck =[


hey the hitbox for most of the "E" interaction is fucked up. Anw, thats very scary and i liked it, Thx !

windows defender told me this is a virus

same here windows defender and anti virus. is it a false positive?

thats fake positive because its an exe from an unknown sources, just click on "more" and launch it ^^

its ok i just like horror game


Can't you make Run/Sprint with Q ?


With Q ???


dude I dont want to be rude but this game is the badest game I ever played...



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i was just joking



try to create game on your own which is better than this one

i'll be happy to see this

ur comment is outrageous and disrespectful as well


Criticizing something doesn't require for you to be able to make a better version of it. "try to make a better one" is just an excuse to defend somebody who doesn't deserve defense.

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You don't have to be a game dev to know that a game is shitty, just like you don't have to be a chef to know that food tastes bad. 

i dont need to build my own space rocket to know, if a rocket i see is going straight into the ground, its not working right

ok, i will, and ill release it soon, and it will be way better than this


won't be owned after 29th as it's download only.

Now you can claim it

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So, I've played a lot of games. Today I openly wept, as I realised that I have ruined my life by playing things that are not Horror Hotel 3.

As a wise man once said, "imagine being kojima after releasing PT and then seeing that Horror Hotel released and just shitting your pants because you worked so hard on your big horror teaser only for the scariest game of the decade to come out right after", and I could not agree more.

Thank you.

I love you.

We all love you.




IT'S TIIIIIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HORROR HOTEL 3! I swear these Horror Hotel games are going to be the death of me. Jump Scare from start to end. lol! Here's My video: 

Hahaha, thanks for the video...


np! lolol


Such a fantastic game! Everybody should play it! Check out my video review of it and don´t forget to share and subscibe!


Thanks for the video bro👍👍


Thank you for the awesome game!